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Business Club - TEAMBUILDING AT THE RESORT Odorheiu Secuiesc Hotel

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train your team


At Septimia Resort, we believe our success is due to our incredible team. And we’re passionate about helping you build your own successful team. With our teambuilding offerings, not only do we train your team in essential skills for collaboration and communication, but we also offer a unique opportunity for a memorable stay.

Take advantage of our limited offer for teambuilding from May to June, valid for bookings made during the week, which includes a 50% discount on conference room rental and free entry to our SPA center.

For additional details and customized offers, please contact us by phone at +40741075465 or by email at

Discover the activities you will enjoy as a team:

for competition enthusiasts


Within our bowling challenges, you will experience adrenaline and competition in a fun and relaxed manner. You will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and strategies, thereby strengthening team spirit.

for a well-deserved oasis of relaxation

Special Sauna and Spa Programs

After an intense day of work, you can relax and rejuvenate with our special sauna programs and in our spa center.

Here, you will have the opportunity to detoxify your body and de-stress, thereby facilitating better teamwork. With top-notch spa services, you can enjoy relaxing massages and beauty treatments to completely invigorate yourself.

Click here for more details about our spa services.

for the songbirds out there


Boost team spirit and uncover your colleagues' hidden talents in a karaoke session. It's a fun way to break the ice and create unforgettable memories.

for sports people and not only

Sports Competitions: soccer, Swimming, and more

At Septimia Resort, we invite you to join our varied and captivating sports competitions. Whether you're passionate about soccer, wish to swim in our relaxing pool, or test your skills in tennis and other sports, we have an experience for everyone.

These sporting activities not only promote collaboration and team spirit but also the well-being of team members. Experience the joy of friendly competitions and enhance relationships among colleagues through the sports activities.

for the explorers

Pálinka Tasting and Campfire

Enjoy a pálinka tasting and spend time around a campfire under the starry sky. This experience will strengthen bonds among colleagues and create special moments of connection.

for flavor explorers

Wine tasting and folklore programs

Explore the world of wine through a tasting session. You'll discover the flavors and joys of local wines in a relaxing and educational setting.

for those who enjoy challenges

Off-Road and ATV programs

For the adventurers in your team, we offer off-road and ATV programs that will test your limits and provide a thrilling experience.

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for successful conferences

Conference room

In addition to captivating team-building activities, we have a fully equipped conference room to support you in organizing your business meetings and conferences.

Our conference room is suitable for corporate events, presentations, as well as brainstorming sessions or trainings. With a relaxing and professional setting, Septimia Resort is the ideal place to combine team-building activities with business events.

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to remember


The maximum number of participants for a teambuilding event is 80 persons, to ensure you have an intimate and personalized experience.

For additional details and tailored offers, please contact us by phone at +40741075465 or via email at

We are here to help you create an unforgettable teambuilding experience!