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Terms & conditions of bookings Septimia Hotels & SPA Resort

Hotel in Odorheiu Secuiesc

Terms & conditions of bookings

When booking rooms, our guests will accept the internal regulations of the hotel, and the policy for using and processing my personal data – GDPR.
In the case of phone reservations, the conditions will be accepted at the moment of arrival.

Room booking
All reservations must be made online through our website using our booking engine, or in written or by telephone. The booked rooms will be kept for our guests on the day of arrival until 18:00 o’clock. Of course, later arrivals are possible too, but only under the condition of announcing beforehand; otherwise your reservation will be deleted from our system after 18:00 o’clock.

Check-in, check-out
Check-in: the rooms are available starting from 14:00 o’clock.
Check-out: until 11:00 o’clock. after check-out the rooms will be verified. Any damages or missing objects will be the client’s financial responsibility. The SPA services – if they are included in the package – can be used until 11:00 o’clock on the day of the departure.
In case of late check-out: until 18:00 the charge will be 50% of the actual price of a room per day, after 18:00 the charge will be 100% of the actual price of a room per day.

Booking & Canceling Conditions
At reservations guests will pay in advance 50% of the full price or will use a credit card as a guarantee. We need your card data (card holder, number, validity) to guarantee the reservation.
The remaining amount can be paid on arrival or one day before the check-out date.
Blocking the card deposit required to pay for the services can be performed only with the client’s approval in writing.
The hotel reserves the right to authorize the card offered as a guarantee before arrival or upon arrival.
The authorization is not considered payment!

Cancellation Policy:
Individual reservations can be canceled without payment two days before arrival. The term may change in case of special events or unique reservations.

Cancellation fee:
On cancellation of exceeding the term of two-days, or if the customer does not show up (“”No show””) at the reserved services, the payment will consist in the value of the total amount of services as cancellation fee.

Our hotel accepts the following payment methods:

Cash: Lei or Euro

Credit card: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro

Holiday tickets & cards: (Sodexo, Edenred, Cheque Dejeuner) only together with hotel accommodation services. The tickets or cards can only be used by the card holder.

The booking made directly, or through the online booking engine will be made in Lei. If you use a Euro card, we extract direct payments in Lei after the actual currency of BNR (National Romanian Bank). All invoices will be released in Lei.

In case of payment in advance, services are considered reserved when your payment has reached our account.

We want to draw your attention upon the fact that billing is done between 07.00-21.30 o’clock. In case of departures before 07.00 or after 21.30 please ask the invoice at the reception one day before departure.

We accept pets (<5 kg) in our rooms at extra fee.
Damages caused by the pets will be supported by the pet’s owner.
It is forbidden to enter in the hotel’s restaurant with pets.

Behavior in hotel

Please respect the public peace, do not disturb the comfort of other guests, especially after the quiet hours (22.00).

It is forbidden to enter in the restaurant in a swimsuit.

It is forbidden to use the hotel’s room’s utilities outside the hotel.

Hotel utilities should be used properly.

Damage or damages will be paid by their authors or their legal representative.

Smoking is forbidden in our rooms. Please respect this rule. There are special places for smoking that you can use. In case of smoking in the forbidden areas there will be a penalty of 100 Lei added to your payment!

For use of wellness section we will provide a separate towel which you will receive at the wellness reception, based on your room card. Please do not use the room towels in the wellness. If you use the spa robe please bring it back in the room.

Several surveillance video cameras are functioning in the hotel area.

The rooms are equipped with a safe; please use it for your valuable belongings. We cannot guarantee safety for belongings forgotten in the rooms.

ALWAYS lock your door when leaving the room.

If you find forgotten properties in the room please take them to the reception.

If you leave the hotel we suggest you leave the key at the reception. In case of loss of the key you will have to pay an extra 100 Lei.

It is forbidden to store flammable, toxic, explosive materials in the room.

Please do not use espresso machine, boiler, or iron in the room. If you need ironing for your clothes please ask this service at the reception.

In case you notice any defect in the room facilities, please notify the reception.

Forgotten items in the hotel room are stored for 1 month.

Our hotel is equipped with a parking lot with barrier reserved for our hotel guests that can be used freely. On arrival you receive a parking card which we kindly ask you to leave at the reception on departure.

Parking in front of the hotel is forbidden.

Breakfast / other meals

Breakfast is included in the hotel price and you can have it at the Hotel Restaurant on Weekdays between 07.00 – 10.00 AM, on Weekends from 08.00-11.00 AM. Please do not take in your room food served at the breakfast. Otherwise the price of breakfast (9 euro) will be charged.

Please have proper outfit when having the meals (entering the restaurant in a swimsuit is forbidden).

If you leave the hotel before 07.00 a.m on your request we can prepare you a breakfast pack.

Please inform  your intention to eat breakfast after 10:00 at the reception. If you do not announce your intention we can assure you breakfast after 10:00 a.m. at an extra fee.

Food and drinks bought outside the hotel can be consumed only in the room by taking care of the other utilities. The damages caused will be paid for on departure.

In our restaurant the table reservations and bowling alley reservations are mandatory.
The kitchen is open until 22:0o o’clock, we can take the last order until 22:00.

Other services

Our hotel guests can book our services (except bowling alley reservation) at the hotel reception.
To use the SPA and to rent towels, please bring the room card provided at check-in.
Use of the SPA and outdoor swimming pools will be canceled on the day of departure upon check-out and can be used until 11:00 o’clock..
Sun beds are provided only depending on the eavailability. Reservations are possible for hotel guests until 11:00 every day at the wellness reception.
It is mandatory to wear a white armband to use the outdoor swimming pools.