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Programs for families

Mini Transylvania Park

Discover Transylvania in one day!
Mini Transylvania Park is the only multicultural, thematic mock-up park in Romania, where visitors can see a scaled-down copy of Transylvania’s most important historical buildings.


Photo Laboratory Kováts 

We invite you to travel in time in the only European photography studio that works by only using natural light. Ancient cameras, backgrounds, decors and other antique accessories can be seen. You could look inside cameras that are a hundred years old; you could witness the magic of black-and-white film developing in dark rooms.


Galffis chocolates

The GALFFIS factory is the first chocolate factory in Transylvania. In the factory they present the secrets of the production of special chocolates. In the presentation shop they serve several kinds of chocolate, coffee and teas.


Jamy Distillery visit for adults

We are glad to guide you through the road of fruit transformation from the fruit tree to the glass. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality palinka, using the latest technology. You can find out the secrets of handcrafted fruit distillates in the category of base fruits